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Update on The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

Meriton’s 77 storey tower in Surfers Paradise as at January 2020.

Site podium is built up to level 5 with the tower columns being built up to level 8. The jumpform system encompasses not only the core walls but all the tower columns as well. 

Level 4 slab shows jumpform columns with cast in blockouts for later slab installation. Architectural curved ‘boat’ structure around the perimeter is being developed. The bi directional curves involve both curved formwork and curved reinforcement. Reinforcement coming out of the slab are the starter bars for the plinths which will support the pool shell.

Further development of the curved ‘boat’ structure around the perimeter of the slab. Boat structure is an architectural element which curves around the perimeter of the building holding soil for tree growth


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