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Update on Bunyala Street, Blakehurst

This quality project by Lateral Estate and ABC Consultants is setting a new standard in quality, design and lifestyle. These luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments feature dual level residences, some with private internal elevators, ground-floor apartments boasting expansive courtyards and private spas. Development amenities include lift access, secure parking, Rooftop Infinity pool, lounging and BBQ areas. 

Project progress: January 2020

Lowest Basement of 5 storey units. The Piled Raft slab is designed to resist large uplift water pressure and is placed on low quality soil. The slab is stabilised through screw piles to limit differential deflection throughout the slab. Design team worked closely with a geotechnical engineering team to suitably account for the layers of varying soil materials and their effect on the design through finite element analysis.

Shoring was done through an anchored sheet pile wall to retain the material in the temporary case, with a concrete wall to be built in front for the permanent case. Rather than using water proof members on the slab and walls, a concrete admixture was utilised to close the voids within the concrete and stop water seeping through.

Level 4 slab shows jumpform columns with cast in blockouts for later slab installation. Architectural curved ‘boat’ structure around the perimeter is being developed. The bi directional curves involve both curved formwork and curved reinforcement. Reinforcement coming out of the slab are the starter bars for the plinths which will support the pool shell.

Installation of the sheet piling around the lift pit to retain the water/ soil. This image also shows utilisation of screw piles around the site.


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